Thursday, February 12, 2009


While living in Blackfoot I got to attend a singles branch that met in a mortuary..a little nuts..maybe..but it was the perfect meeting place for us. Despite all the strange noises..jk!! It was hard for me to leave all the new friends I made in Blackfoot. I have never been shown the amount of love that they showed me, They took me in with open arms!! A big stinkin Thank you to all of those who made me apart of their family in B-town!! I did make promises that I would return for visits and I will. Only before and after winter...I dislike the winters there immensely!!

This is my branch President, Bill and his Wife Linda, who was not very happy about my move..she did give me a little crap about it..I love ya anyways!!

Me and Suzanne her husband is Wally he is in the branch presidency..Love them to death..they crack me up. Thanks for letting us have girls night out at your house and for letting me play racquetball with ya. Not sure why I don't have a picture of I will miss dodge ball with you..who am I going to pick on now. I am pretty sure I am the daughter Suzanne always wanted..ha ha!!
The Cornielsons (I know I spelled that wrong), Von was in the branch presidency and Linda is the best piano player ever. They run a farm, who doesn't in Blackfoot. Too bad I never made it our there like I said I would..totally miss you guys!!

This is Spencer...never really like the kid..he pants are way too tight!!

This is Kristin, Suzanne, and Linda..going away bowling party for me..well not just happen to fall on the day before I was leaving. Cute Hailey..she is adorable..was able to go to camp with her. You all know bff in Blackfoot..I totally bowled a spare through her legs...
To all my friends in Blackfoot..I miss and love you!!!!


lisa said...

I'm sad for you leaving your friends in Blackfoot, but I'm happy you're here!
Love the new header!

SuzM said...

We are missing you terribly and we hope you can come back soon because we are in great need of a really good dodge ball game. I hope you are doing well and please keep in touch. B-town will never be the same without you here.

Lisa Danielson said...

Looks like you had quite the posse in Idaho! Can't wait to hang out!