Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Blog...a little bit of everything..

This would be my holiday blog. It covers everything from Christmas to New Years. This year for Christmas I had the opportunity to go back to Idaho and work. Before I left my home teacher and his wife gave me an Idaho survival kit..so cute. Full of all the necessities for me to survive Idaho. I was able to hang out with some old friends, which was a lot of fun. For some reason..I didn't take pictures...except for one (bottom of post). Thankfully I was invited to a lot of places before and on Christmas. Thanks to the Millers for inviting me over to a great Sunday Dinner, also the Stallings for letting me come over Christmas morning and then Lastly to the Archibald's for a great Christmas dinner and just letting me hang. Then my Brother and his family came late Christmas night and we played settlers..Payton you are hilarious!! It was a quiet, but good Christmas!!

New Years..was a PAAAAAAAAAAARTY!! We all went to Angela's house. Rachie, Jesse, Shelby, Jeff, Jana, their kiddos, obviously Angela, Nate that their kids! Tom (Nate's bro) even came over for a game. We played settlers where Angela totally cheated to help Jeff win cause she knew I would win on my next turn. I will just tell you that is one of her pet peeves...Then they played Settlers, cities and knights. Nothing like a wii tennis tournament..I think Angela won it!! Then a wild game of Killer Uno...Rachie, Jesse, Jana and I played forever. Jesse and Rachie came up with the greatest rules...lets just say we had to talk in an accent..So pretty much Jana never spoke. When Jeff joined the game..he sounded like a gay German!! There were some wild games of Super Mario Bros. Four people playing at one time some serious laughs and maybe an argument or two..ha ha!! All the kids, but Cooper made it till midnight!! So much fun. Then we rang in the New Year with some bubbly!! Grace gave me a big smooch!!! Thanks Babe!!

All the girls after the New Year!! Jana will most likely kill me...cause she looks like she just rolled out of bed..ha ha!! The other picture is worse..this one really isn't that bad.
Jesse and Rachie Bringing in the New Year!!
Josh, Payton and Gage..Nothing like a big ole smack on the face to bring in the Year!

Thanks to Grandma Hanni Kyah and Grace have matching pajamas and plenty of other cloths that match!! Can I just tell how well these girls play together, never a fight and we don't ever see them they disappear, but they can sure destroy a room in a matter of seconds. They got the Hanni mess gene!
Reff and Rana during killer Uno!!
Kyah and I taking pictures of each other!!
Ang and Shelbs!! Glad Shelby came to hang with us..we don't get to see her that much!!
Payton, Jana, and Cooper...so cute.

Gage and Payton playing tennis!!
This would be my friend Natalie Stallings. I am at their house on Christmas Morning. It was good to catch up with her.
This would be my survival kit. So cute and so much fun!!


Team Hanni said...

Not pleased about that picture... It such a fun night. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time, thanks to the little man on the UNO deck. So funny.

Misti said...

Sooo happy to visit with you on Christmas! Sorry we never came back for games... too tired!