Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I went to Midway and checked out the Ice Castles with Angie and her kiddos. So much Fun!! They are actually pretty cool. It was a little chilly..but we all survived!! Then we hit Dairy Keen in Heber city...We always stop there if we are in the neighborhood. Nothing like a good burger to end your night!!

Me and the kiddos..this picture cracks me up..It is so funny..I think we are all frozen that way!!

How cute is this mamasita!!!Me and the Ayzinator..

Me, Reyn and Tiago

Ang and I
Here are the ICE Castles...


Brian and Jenny said...

So awesome!!!

Hope you are doing well!

Marcie said...

So Cool!!!!

Marcie said...
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Brandon and Amber said...

How have I never known about these? I lived in Utah FOREVER!!! Very cool.

amy said...

Well, if your face is going to freeze it should look exactly, I mean exactly like that.

Thanks for being one of my one and only friends, lol. :) I would love to pary it up wit u!