Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lots of visitors....

I love it when people come to visit...especially family!!! TJ, Linds, and Henry came before she had the babe!! We had a great time...staying up late playing cards, going to liberty land, and of course playing with Henry!!

Linds, baby, and Ang

TJ and Henry taking a nap..isn't that cute!!
For Gage's baptism Kylee, J-face (jaxon), mom, dad, and hunter came!! It was a short, but sweet trip. Lots of games and food.


Rachie, Kylee, and me
Hunter and my Dad at Bridal Veil
Apparently Hunter can't apply sunscreen appropriately..what a tard!! Super funny though!!

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Erin said...

Um...Hunter is a did I miss this? And in need of some serious lotion application skills. FUNNY!!! Everyone looks great!