Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh how i miss them...

I am really missing my Family!!! All of them!! I wish I could just see them and hug them and maybe even Kiss them!! I Love them so much and I wish we all lived right by each other. I don't know if it is because I worked all through the holidays and barely saw Angela and her family or if I just need a quick family fix...someone come visit me!!! Anyways...I love you all and wish I could squeeze your buns. I hope to see you all very soon!!

All the siblings 6 years ago??? I think...Angela, Kylee, Jordan, Hunter, Bradley, Tyler, Kimm, Jeff and Rocky!!
All the Grand kids this Summer and a mysterious leg...who is that???

Jordy good to talk to you on Christmas...this is us at the temple!
Bradley and Kylee...I do not have many pictures of Brady..that has to change!!
My Mom and Uncle Jerry David
I even miss them and they live down the road..I barely see them!!
My Dad and Hunter...Nice Faces...
Jaxon...being entertained by Uncle T
Kylee and Mark...parents of Jaxon
Rocky and Janelle

Payton, Jeff, Jana, Josh Grace, and Cooper...I want to tackle all of you....

Tyler and Lindsay....Parents of Henry and Khloe
Henry and Khloe


Team Hanni said...

miss you back... we are so far away :(((((((

Someone In Mind said...

I notice you didn't include me, but I'M still coming to see you next Friday!!!!

Can we play?

I love you!

Brandon and Amber said...

Ya, I thought for sure I would see a picture of me thrown in there too, but alas, I see how you are. Miss YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!