Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am now a blogger....Oh NO!!!

Hello Everyone!!

I think I have been talked into blogging because so many of my friends and family do it. I am not married and I have no kids so there is nothing to blog about, but myself. Fun for all of you. Some of you might be wondering where the nickname ShimmDoctor comes from, I actually don't know. Most of my family calls me shimmi which eventually turned into ShimmDoctor. So there you go!!

I actually just spent a week at Girls Camp with about 150 girls ranging from the ages 12-17. This is my Third girls camp where I have gone as the Stake Assitant Camp Director. Why anyone left me in charge is beyond me. This so far has been my favorite camp. I could go on and on with stories, but I will pick a few of my favorites. The theme this year was the latter day league which focused on teamwork and service. So we had a kickball tournament all week, I was the ump. My favorite game was the 4th years vs. the YCl's (5th years). Lets just say everything went wrong. One of the leaders drilled the ball at my head luckily I have cat like reflexes and it only skinned the top of my head as I was falling to the ground yelling foul ball. It was quite hilarious, I think it might have been funnier if it drilled my in the face. From that moment on everything went wrong and was hilarious, I won't tell you all about it because I am sure most of it is "you had to be there moments."
My love for pickles came known at camp and the cooks brought me a packaged pickle, which was called Big Papa, the portley pickle, well all the leaders had fun with that one. So I decided to sing a little song that goes "I love it when they call me big papa, throw your hands in the air if your a true player and wave them from here to there." Needless to say my nickname became Big Papa this year, much better than last years Biffy Queen.
We had a handicapped girl at camp this year, and what a joy she was. When she realized I wasn't married and had no children she immediatley started calling me mom. Very sweet, but A little weird I can't lie. When she wasn't calling me mom, she was calling me Sister Fanni, she could never get the Hanni. I thought that was stinkin hilarious. I haven't been called Fanni in years, brings back the good ole high school memories.
Probably one of the most rewarding parts of Girls camp is the love and the spirit that feels that camp ground. We have the most wonderful girls in our stake. We hit a few bumps in the road at camp, but I couldn't have asked for a better group of Young Women. Of course they give me a hard time, but its all in good fun. I am pretty sure I start most of it. Hey it is always fun to be 15 or 16 again. I love girls camp and I could go on for hours.....I will spare you all the details. Even with all the stress that comes with it, I would do it over and over again.

So I hope I will be able to keep this up and blog a few times a week. I love you all and can't wait to read what is going on in your neck of the woods.


Fernandez Family said...

Kimm! I'm so excited you joined the blog world. You are so funny and I don't doubt that the girls loved having you at girls camp. Lucky you! Keep blogging...we're all reading! Miss you - Tanya

Scott and Erin said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....Sister Fanni, Big Papa...I'm loving it. Thank you so much for starting a blog. I think that you are stinking hilarious. Thank heavens for your cat-like reflexes. When are you coming to see me? Soon I hope. Love your buns...Erin