Friday, July 27, 2007

The Big One!!

Today I hit the Big One! Not too sure How I feel about it. Actually I do not like it at all. I think that I will hold at 29 or I will just tell everyone I am 20 10 (twenty Ten). I have definetly drilled it in my Nephews head that I am 20 10. That is what he is telling everyone...bless his heart!! My Mom and my sister threw me a surprise party!! I had no idea!! My sister in law got me to sing Karaoke, while they snuck everyone into the backyard. There I was busting a tune, while everyone in the backyard listened to me, how lovely. Good thing I have a voice of an angel!! Ha Ha!! My Nephew came and told me it was time to eat, I walked outside and there were all these these people starring at me....sneaky little buggards! I am very grateful for it,but I told them I wanted no party!!! I'm over it, it's always nice to know people love you!! This picture is of me when I was in the first grade, just wanted to show everyone how cute I used to be!!


kg said...

Happy Birthday Kimm! I was picturing all the happenings there in Sumner :) Welcome to the world of blogging too!

Evonne said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I'll be joining the 3-0 club in a few weeks...hang tight!

Miss you!

Evonne said...

p.s. You totally look like you are about to "say grace" in that picture. I love it.

Colin Family said...

If only I'd read this a little earlier I could have wished you a Happy Birthday at church! Hope you don't mind me checking in on you, I love reading people's blogs.



Scott and Erin said...

How cute you still ARE!!!! You are a babe. I love you. Happy birthday! At least you are twenty eleven like me;)


Lisa Danielson said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Happy Birthday--wish we could have heard you singing. We are coming to seattle for my bday in sept---see ya then!