Friday, September 5, 2008

Cooper Grant Hanni...the new addition!!

Not 24 hours after finishing the Pocatello Marathon, we had a new addition to our family. After the races Jana told the baby he had the green light...he did not waste anytime!! When Jeff told me her water broke..I did not believe him. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I was glad I was already at the house and so was the rest of my family...much easier for Jana and Jeff to go and not worry about the kids. It was even better that my mom, grandma and hunter were there to see the baby before they headed back to Washington. He is such a cutie and a typical Hanni!! His new brothers and sisters can't get enough of him neither can I!!

This is the whole family at the hospital! They are such a cute family!!
Josh with his new brother..he has his ears..he was pretty excited about that! Gracie and baby Cooper!
Payton and his mini me...he looks just like him now!! Here are the boys in my car heading to the hospital to see their new brother. They were so excited. I think it was the longest car ride for them. They kept asking if I missed the hospital!! Gracie copying her brothers. Kept saying are we there yet..I can't wait to see my brother!


Misti said...

So fun!

Monica said...

CONGRATULATIONS TEAM HANNI!!! And can I just say that your sister-in-law looks amazing!! For heaven sakes she just gave birth and she's so dang cute!