Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pocatello Marathon!!

My family this past weekend all took part in the Pocatello 5k. My sisters, Kylee and Angela, and brother Jeff all ran the marathon. It was the first for Jeff and Kylee and the second for Angela. Now it was a last minute run for Angela..she is out of control. They all did awesome and finished!! Hunter, youngest boy in my family, my nephew Josh, Me and my friends from Blackfoot Andrea and Brianna all ran the 5k. Hunter took first in his age group and ran it in 22 min. Josh came in 5th for his age group and ran it in 27 min. Andrea and Brianna who were in the same age group took 2nd and 3rd. I on the other hand had some personal bests..I beat my last time by 4 minutes and was not dead last for my age group, I was 13th out of 21..Feels like first to me. Now the burning question is when will I do something more than a 5k...I am not sure...I like the 5k..I know I can do them. Maybe I will attempt a 10k in the near future!! You never know!!

These are all the signs we made for our supporters to hold..Jana, Grandma Hanni, Mom, Payton, Grace, Kyah and Gage, thanks for coming and cheering us on. Couldn't have done it with out you. Kyah is holding the signs for me in the hotel..she is really enthused. I don't have pictures of them holding them during the race..I will have to get them from Jana!! By the way I am Burley!!
This sign cracks me up...He is also enthused..he wasn't feeling well all day, but he is a trooper and made it!
Andrea, Me, and Brianna the night before the race. They did Awesome!! I really do have friends in Blackfoot!

Angela, Kylee, Hunter, and me after the race. Jeff had left..he was dying. Hunter is holding his first place trophy!! Brianna, Me, and Andrea after the Race..I want to wear my medal everyday!! It was awesome they came and did this with me. Thanks Guys!!
Andrea and Brianna with their 2nd and 3rd place trophies. Brianna took 2nd and Andrea took 3rd.
Hunter and I after the Race!!
And then 24 hours later Jana had a baby boy!! Pictures to come!!


Sarah and Dan said...

I read your blog just before switching over to Jana & Jeff's. How relieved am I after discovering that the baby's name is not what was printed on that sign! I was a bit concerned! But, alas. All is well, all is well. Way to go on your run! And 4 minutes off your previous time? Fantastic! That's gotta feel good!

Team Hanni said...

Kimmi Marie Sunshine Hanni,

Look what you have done!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to race again - in November. Do you want to run with me? You are such a wonderful sister-in-law and Auntie. You saved my bacon this weekend. Thank you for being so wonderful.

Brandon & Amber said...

Kimmi you rock! Maybe one day I can be like you......

Karen and Grant said...

Awesome! I keep trying to convince myself to try a 5k, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it. You're amazing and maybe your example will get my buns moving. Keep it going cuz!

Monica said...

WOW GIRL!!! You and your family are A-W-E-S-O-M-E, AWESOME AWESOME TOTALLY!!!

(Did you like my little cheer?! LOL)

You guys are seriously the coolest family EVER!!!!!!