Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elder Jordan Hanni

The Deed is done..Elder Jordan Hanni entered the MTC today May 18th at 1:00pm!! I don't think anyone has any idea how proud of him I am!!! These last two days with him have been awesome. He is one AMAZING young man who will be one STELLAR Missionary. The people of the Tucson Arizona Mission are so lucky to have him!! I will surely miss him!! Surprisingly enough Jordan seemed very calm and collected..not nervous at all..more excited!! This boy is ready to Serve the Lord!! I can't wait to get his first email to see how things are going.. I am already curious as to how the first hour went!! I LOVE YOU Jordan..See ya in Two Years!!

I know there are many pictures...I don't care..I want the family to see the whole day..

Too bad the last two days have felt like Washington weather..very rainy..little, if none at all, sun!!

Jordan at Angela's before we left!
Ang and Jord

Kyah and Jord

Had to take him to one last meal before he entered the MTC...He chose JDawgs..fitting!! It is Delicious!!

Jordan in front of the MTC field, hopefully the weather gets nice so he can get some exercise..the MTC is the building in the background!

The nicest man offered to take our picture in the rain..he had just dropped his son off at the MTC he was going to El Salvador!! We also saw him jumping out of his van to take other families pictures, cuz this was apparently the spot to take them!! What a great act of service..I see many blessings in his future!

You can tell how great the weather was! You can barely see the mountains. I love the Provo temple!! I am sure he will be able to go there once or twice!!

So apparently we did not get the memo that the MTC sign that everyone takes their picture in front of was gone!! That would be why everyone was taking pictures bY the field and temple.

If the sign was there it would say MISSIONARY TRAINING CENTER!!

On the way to drop him off we were driving through the MTC..they did not see our sticker indicating that we had a they were sending us through..all the way through..luckily ang asked a guy who had us just pull into the parking lot..then two elders came to help us!! One was from Arizona and he was excited for Jordan!!

Jord taking his bags out of the trunk!!

Ang attempting to help..put a stop to that real quick..she has a hurt back doesn't need to hurt it anymore!!

That nice elder was actually covering mE with the umbrella while Jordan unloaded. Then I stepped away to get him shaking his hand. He is the one from Arizona!!

One last look before he left!!

After Hugs and No Tears!! The Elders took our Elder into the MTC!!

Ready to be a Missionary!! Go Luck Elder Hanni!!

PS...I will in no way shape or form lie to you, I really wanted to scream............



Sarah and Dan said...

You sure that kid is 19?! He's really not a day over 12 years old, right? My goodness. What a special day. You're an amazing big sis, and I know he must have been happy and grateful to have you walk with him on those first steps into his mission. Awesome!

The Scott Family said...

So fun Kimm! I loved all the posts and pictures, he's going to be a great missionary.

marisalisa said...
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Team Hanni said...

So glad you were there to help him through this. Way to go Jordan!!!!

Ty and Racheal Cummings said...

I did not know he was leaving until my grandma came home from church Sunday and told me. I am so excited for him, he will be a great missionary!

Analee and Joe said...

Good for Jordan! And you totally should have yelled it!! ;-)

Monica said...

Hey, my mom is one of the greeters at the MTC...I wish I had known he was going in, I could have had you look for her. But, maybe your brother could look for her if he ever got to be the greeting elder. She stands around the 20-something marker signs.

Katrina Smith said...
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Katrina Smith said...

Hello, my name is Katrina, and I live in New Mexico. I have had the honor to meet Jordan! He is an AMAZING Missionary. I have been investigating the Church for approximately two years. I meet Jordan and his companion, Elder Kite one evening at my friend’s house for lessons. The feeling of the Holy Ghost from that moment one had become stronger. That first meeting I committed to be baptized, and was please with my decision. After a few weeks of lesson's a getting to know Jordan and see his love, passion and desire to serve the Lord, I asked Jordan to be one to baptize me, and he agreed. The Sunday before I was to be baptized, Jordan was transferred to North Tucson. With a lot of prayer and I’m sure some phone calls and hard work on Jordan's part, he was given permission to travel back to New Mexico to baptize me!!!! What a wonderful man of God Jordan is! I am so thankful that he is the Missionary that was sent to me, and got to teach me!