Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun with Jordan...

The couple days with spent with our missionary were full of last minutes errands, games and good food!! We have to fill him up before he hit the MTC!! We took him to Tucanos which he instantly fell in love with and went into a food coma!! He also loves his In and Out burger and Angela made us some homemade Cafe Rio!! Needless to say the boy did not go Hungry..An old missionary that served in Seattle came over and took him Texas Road House!! He played with the kiddos!! Most importantly Jordan and I were able to go to Mt. Timpanogos Temple to do a session....Best part of his trip!!

Gage and Jord
Gage, Kyah, and Jord

This is Jordan outside the Temple..too bad the weather is just like Washington!!

Jordan and I after the session...look at all the pretty tulips!!

Jordan apparently did not get much sleep before he flew in...that boy can sleep anywhere!

I know it is a little blurry, but this picture cracked me up...Gotta love the jumping pictures!!

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