Sunday, April 7, 2013


I finally had my first visitors in Blackfoot, ID!!  I must say it is about time...ha ha!!  I needed to see some friendly faces.  First off Angie texted me and said she was bored on I said why aren't you driving here.  Then an hour later she said she was coming.  It was fun just hanging out with her and spending Easter with her.  The Easter Bunny did not come...Shocking!  She left Monday and my Sister Angela said she was coming on Tuesday for the night...Heck yeah.  We all fit perfectly in my one bedroom apartment...too bad Walker wasn't too thrilled...he was up most the night.  The next day I worked a half day came home and took Gage and Kyah to the Potato Museum, got ice cream from rupes and went and threw rocks in the River.  It was a blast having people at my house...Hopefully they will all come back very soon!!

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