Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas in Colorado Part 3

Christmas Morning a blast!  I got a wake up call/phone call..I guess a simply knock on the door doesn't happen anymore..ha ha.  The kids doors were wrapped in wrapping paper, so they couldn't get a sneak peak downstairs.  So Josh called ma and pa...and we got ready and watched them bust through the paper...So fun!! We had a Great Christmas...I was spoiled beyond belief.   I got some much needed sheets, a camera, pajamas and a cookbook..which I have tried a couple far so good!!  The older boys got Nintendo 3D's and legos, Grace screamed when she got her ipod shuffle.  I had no idea that girl was that into music.  Cooper got the coolest Thomas the Train wooden table.  So awesome! 
Josh and Payton loving their oranges...weirdo's.
Peanut butter m&m' can't go wrong.

 Coop got some cars that go on his Thomas the Train tracks...Awesome.
Grace and her iPod!
Payton and Mario Cart

Josh I think collects the cars cars and there were a couple he wanted and they were found and bought Christmas Eve!
More cars for the Coop
Perfect reaction for the Perfect gift...
These kids spent all day putting together their lego's
 Don't take your eyes off the screen even for a picture.
Jeff got some snow shoes...
2 Peas in a Pod...Jana in the background wrapped up in her new blanket.
Reindeer left their mark on the front steps...Cooper thought it was pretty cool!
 Fried Turkey..Nuff Said
 Nothing like frying up a turkey in the snow.
Jeff keeping a close eye on the turkey..sat outside for 45 min while it cooked.  He also got to talk to Jordan on the phone, while cooking it.  

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