Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dodgeball...Round 2

I think that if you looked up the word dodgeball in the dictionary you would see my Face!! Not gonna lie...I am pretty good. So the other week we had another dodgeball night, but this time it was at a different building that doesn't have a full size gym! So it was a little scarier..not much time to hit in the face twice..but no blood shed for me. I may or may not have been on a spaztic team. Everyone got out so quick, but ME!! I may or may not have been hiding...ha ha! I was by myself four times. One of those times I brought my team back to a Victory!! Another time I dodged a million balls before I finally let it hit me...I was so blasted tired. Once again I put my cat like reflexes to good use. I don't mean to brag..but I am frickin AWESOME...I am totally kidding...well kind of. The highlight of the night was BFF (she was on the other team) got drilled in the face so hard that her nose bled for about 25 min. To top it off she had a fat lip too! Poor girl. Don't worry I made the guy feel real bad..then I threw a ball at him and he was on my team. Needless to say...Never a dull moment at dodgeball!!


Brandon & Amber Peterson said...

I haven't played dodge ball since I was a kid. I'd probably be like you and hide behind everyone. That's sad that girl got a bloody nose. I hope that you dog piled him for me! :)

Kimm said...

Lets get something clear..I was only kidding when I said I was hiding..I take it like a woman!!

Team Hanni said...

Dodgeball would be so fun with you. I'm sure they are all so impressed with your cat skills.