Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been here goes

I have never done one, but thought it might be fun...

10 years ago: I have been in Provo for just about 8 months. I lived at campus plaza aka the projects. I lived with my cousin Sarah..we had a great time. I just quit working at Shopko aka shophole and played basketball all the time.

5 Things on my to do list today:
1. Clean my room
2. go to work
3. Work out
4. play basketball...I think I might join the girls at the stake center, but it has been so long
5. sleep

5 Snacks I enjoy: Since I have been eating healthy..this is what I wish I could snack on
1. Salt and Vinegar chips
2. Gummies
3. Reese's Peanut Butter cups
4. Corn Nuts (chile picante..they are the best)
5. Pickles, pickles, pickles...don't worry I still pound these down!!

5 Places I have lived:
1. Sumner, WA
2. Longview, WA
3.Provo, UT
4. West Jordan, UT
5. Blackfoot, ID

5 Places I would like to live:
1. Hawaii...I love it there
2. Back East..somewhere
3. Italy
4. Australia
5. Somewhere in the Caribbean

5 Jobs I have had:
1. Pizza Time...totally know how to throw the dough
2. Sumner Athletic Club
3. Shopko
4. Soularium Music (Concert Promoter)
5. Anytime Fitness

5 Things you didn't know about me:
1. I am afraid of heights
2. I am Flippin HOT!
3. I have a pink shirt I wear...I hate pink (I only wear it in Blackfoot,cause no one knows me)
4. I almost pierced my eyebrow when I was a freshman in college
5. I am in love with Dog the Bounty Hunter..ha ha ha

I tag who ever wants to do it...and if you don't do it, my feelers will be hurt!!!


Team Hanni said...

so glad you saved your eyebrow. That would hurt sooooooooo bad!

Will you toss some pizza dough for me? I have to see it.

Who the heck is the bounty dog?

Marcie said...

I know, how messed up is that, we could all finally be together again and it doesn't work out again:(