Monday, April 14, 2008


Here is a few pictures of us at Disneyland!! I haven't been since I was in the eighth grade..It is still the Happiest Place on Earth. I was able to go on the Indiana Jones ride, we took Josh and Payton..josh didn't like it, Payton liked it as long as his eyes were closed. I think that might be my new favorite ride. It was fun. We went on as many rides as we could...the lines get longer and longer as the day goes on. It was fun and can't wait to go back..maybe hit California Adventure next time!!

When we first got there we saw Mickey Mouse. Can you believe it! The kids were so excited! Payton gave Mickey a sea shell from the ocean and Mickey gave him a big hug (picture below) and Grace had a brochure from the hotel with a picture of Mickey on it, of course she showed him. Our day got off to a great start!!

I love this picture, they are checking out the map of Disneyland.
Buzz light year was a favorite, we all went on it at least 3 times.

Grace and I went on the Tea Cups..I had to run to get us a pink one! You know little girls these days..All about the pink. She just sat and giggled on the was cute!
Jungle ride..
Sucks to be them..
Pirates of the Caribbean. The kids didn't know much about it..each one got a little scared, but in the end they all liked it.

I totally took a picture of this when I was in the eighth grade, so I thought it fitting to take one now!!
Fun Fun times in Disneyland!! I am ready to go back!! Who is Game?


Monica said...

Hey Kimm. Awesome pics from Disneyland. What the heck is your email address?

Team Hanni said...

You got such great pictures!!! I can't find the kids camera..... I'm so glad you had pictures with Mickey- I took my pictures on the kids camera :(

Payton still tells me, "I should have gone on Splash Mountain." We better go back.

Angie said...

It looks like you had so much fun, Kimm! I've never been to Disneyland... pathetic, I know!

kg said...

FUN! You are such a cool aunt :)

Thanks for the gift!! Could you email me your address please:

Ang said...

Me me me me me me. When are we leaving???

lisa said...

It was so fun running into you at Target! What a small world! Call next time you are in town, we'd love to have you over and talk about the "good ol' days!"
Looks like you guys had a gread time in Disneyland!

lisa said...

Sorry! I meant "great"