Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Fun days in the Sun!!

I am back from Cali...I had a great time and sadly enough I am back in the cold. I never thought I might miss the warmth and congestion of California. You know what the traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We definitely had some great moments and some serious laughs, you know the stupid laughs you get after being in a car for so long.

First off...Jeff was on the bus with all the band students and we were trying to catch them. Well we are just about to our first interstate change and Jana just wanted to follow the bus to our hotel..we spot a bus and we all start cheering (me, Jana and the three kiddies) as we get to the bus we realize it was a short bus and start laughing..a few moments later we see another bus..that must be it. Well we get behind it and our exit is approaching and Jana realizes it has a California license plate..of course we are dying..two buses come on, thank goodness she did notice it wasn't our bus because it was going a different way than us..that would have sucked if we would have followed it the wrong way. The third bus we spotted we decided to drive beside to make sure it was the right one. The Third time is a charm. We are such Geeks!!
We then went to Medieval Nights...probably my favorite part of the trip the kids loved it. Each section is given their own night to cheer for..there is a cute story line of course we were lucky enough to have the enemy night..he was not bad looking. He was in a lot of the show. They bring you dinner that you have to eat with your hands. He threw a flower to Grace and she caught it. She kept calling him her was awesome!!

There is our NIGHT!! He was awesome and very entertaining..Grace loved him!

The next day we hit Huntington beach...gotta love it! I think it might have been the hottest day when we were there!! I played a little in the ocean...then laid out!! Got a little sun, but I never got burned and that was the plan. The boys had a great time..Jeff never left the water, he stayed in there with his students for 2 hours or so...Payton and Josh loved the water and playing in the sand. Poor Grace was cold most of the time and Jana never made it to the ocean she slept the whole lady!

Jeff is the on off to the right body surfing..that is him with all his students.

After we went to the Beach Jeff's band had their competition. It was a lot of fun to see him direct his band..never seen him do it before. They did really well and took first for their division.


This post is forever long..I will post Disneyland pictures in a couple of days!! Lucky You!!


Brandon said...

Soooo much fun! I miss California--mostly because of the warm sun...what is with the weather here?! Hey, do you know anyone's plans for all the races? Erin & I thought it would be fun for all the family to get together sometime, but I don't know what everyone's schedules are. So, will you hang out with me??? Let me know if you find anything out from your side of the family and we'll try and work out something fun!

Brandon & Amber said...

P.S. The above comment was really from Amber!

Angie said...

Shimm... it looks like you had a great trip! I loved road tripping when I didn't have kids. Anyway, we would have loved to have you for deal or no deal- you would be the perfect Ben supporter!

Smithers said...

It looks like you had a great time! Thanks for the comments. :)

Team Hanni said...

How fun it was!!! I'm so glad you came. You were a lifesaver!!! I'm ready to go back - drive and all!

Kimm said...

I want to go back, but could we fly!!